Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Men Behind the Success of Bicol Region

           Because of the success of the Bicol Region, their tourist’s spots are now being visited by other nationals especially at summer time because of its majestic places. At this point, the Bicol region is one of the highest tourist attractions which can be considered as an advantage in a way that it increases our popularity as well as our economy. In fact, the success of this region is the people who highlighted the place and treated it as a home. The people behind this success were a native of this region, a leader that depicts the beauty of this province.
            They are the following:

Governor L Ray Villafuerte
    Governor L Ray Villafuerte

        He is the Governor of Camarines Sur. His real name is Luis Raymond Villafuerte Jr., born on June 3 1968, in Pili, Camarines Sur by Cong. Luis Villafuerte Sr. and Nelly Favis-Villafuerte. He commonly called Governor LRay. He earned his bachelor's degree in Political Science at the De La Salle University and took his Executive Education from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is married to Lara Villafuerte with 4 childrens.

        He is the man behind the great success of Camarines Sur. A man who wanted to promote a good relationship between himself and his people, his place and to the tourists of their place, the reason why his province had a huge success as well as popularity. He don't want to make arguments regarding his leadership because he just wanted to built a peaceful and harmonious community in his province as well as his region. A man full of positive perspectives in life and always shows a face of happiness and good will. In addition, he never uses all his time in his work because he also make time for his family and of course to our dear God.
        There no such thing that you can describe him, but a man who is willing to do everything for his province and to his nation, a man compact of good will and good leadership, and a man to be proud of.

Governor Joey S. Salceda

Governor Joey S. Salceda

        Jose Clemente "Joey" Sarte Salceda is his real name. He is born on October 26, 1961 and is married by Barangay Kagawad Francia G. Salceda. He is the Governor of the province of Albay in the Philippines. Prior to that, he was a three-year term representative of the third district of Albay. He is the son of the Former Polangui, Albay Mayor Jesus Salceda Sr., and his brother Jesus S. Salceda Jr., is the incumbent Polangui, Albay Vice-Mayor.

        In accordance in his job, aside from being a politician, he is also an economist. He is one of the most admire politician here in Albay, because of his good leadership and his good will. He is the man behind "zero casualty" here in Albay, during a catastrophe. He always assures the safety of each individual in his province the reason why minimal number of accidents are being reported. 
         In his leadership, he showed what every Bicolanos expected. Every event went to be successful and his guidance produces a strong relationship between himself and his people. He is the man behind the massive progress of Albay. Not only in its economy but also in its tourists destinations that his people are proud to present to every tourists who visits this province. He is the man who achieves his goal, to have at least one college graduate in the family, and every Bicolanos are so happy to be granted by his scholarship program. He aims to have everyone a good education and achieve their goals in time.
            In fact, he did alot in this province and it so very inspiring, but the only phrase that i can give to him is that " he is the reason why everyone is proud". His leadership beautify his province and give a big break in its community.

              These two men is the most popular men in this region, and yet there are still some that are still helping enhancing this country, this region. They are not alone because there are still some, indeed some of them are still making changes in their place. 

            I also dream to be one of them, and I know it will takes time for me to achieve it, but I know I can. I want also to be the subject of change here in the Philippines, in Bicol Region.
You? Do you want also to be the subject of change in your community? country? 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How can i enjoy my Summer Escapade?

           This summer will be your most enjoying summer if you will visit several places, but there are several factors you should consider and then you might follow these tips for your summer escapade. Here some tips:

Tips for an enjoying Summer Escapade:

Tip 1: Aviod Guilt Trips

           First off, stop feeling guilty about not being in the office, since a vacation might be good for your job and your health.

In fact, it reduces stress and pressure at work and it gives a good lifestyles as well as good condition of the body. Some of the people says, that they felt better when they came back from vacation. It is a sign that having vacation out of stress is helpful especially to those employed people.
worried man

Bringing your guilt into your summer vacation affects not only yourself but also to the people who join in the vacation. It is not good because your just wasting your time thinking of your work while you can enjoy and satisfy your day in a very alluring way. Indeed, you can feel-free and grant yourself a day with a good perspective and gain more awesome activities together with your family and friends. The only thing I could say is that "seize the day." 

stop making excuses
Tip 2: Stop making excuses

Excuses can easily mess up your day. It suddenly causes an unwanted trip because not all are enjoying. Stop making excuses for not doing such things because your vacation might not that happy as everyone expected. 

In some cases, people makes excuses for them not to perform such tasks or to escape from the events, but by motivating yourself to do it can give you a hassle-free experience.

a man saying I can't

In a summer vacation trip, you should not allow yourself to give excuses at all times, because having too much excuses is simply being a party pooper. You should desire a relaxing and fulfilling vacation for you to do it again in the next year. Always bring yourself braveness and always be courageous to do it again and again. One thing that I can only advice to you is that "stop saying I can't, but always say I will!"


Tip 3: Always have your money

         It is the most important stuff in your vacation escapade. You should provide an adequate amount of money for your consumption and needs. You should always choose those places that is cheap enough but caters a high quality of service and can provide the proper utilities and amenities.

          Always think out of the box and always consider all the aspects of happiness and satisfaction.Remember this, "don't spend too much if your not enjoying enough."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where I want to spend my Vacation?


the Sun
              Vacation is the most awaited part of an individual, especially those students who really needs to unwind their selves for the stressing school year. In fact, it is also the time where we may spend our time in our family, a time to renew memories and create a memorable one, and a time to liberate ourselves to the beauty of nature and satisfy its blessings to us. Basically, a lot of people used to spend their vacation, together with their family in a certain provinces, for the reason that in provinces you may feel the peaceful atmosphere as well as cool and pleasing caress of the wind that touches our body that give us satisfaction and freedom.

                There are lots of places where you can enjoy and fulfill your vacation in just a month. Actually, there are places that you may prefer to visit and decide if you would rather spend your vacation there or – not. Indeed, there are several places in a certain region that may fulfill your expectations in your vacation trip.

a woman looking for somethingYou don’t have to eat one’s heart out because in this region you may find what you are looking for. It is compact with different beautiful tourist spots that may give you an experience that is totally worth it. Every cent will not be wasted because you’ll not just enjoy it but like it. It would be your awesome summer escapade if you would like to visit and enjoy your trip here in this region ---- the Bicol Region.

                The Bicol Region is one of the most visited regions in the country. Each place in this region has its own bragging tourist spots. And each of them caters a high quality of service and has a definite advantage regarding in their attitudes and character. In this region, you may prefer to visit and spend your vacation in a Natural or Man-made tourist destination. Well, anyways it is therefore your decision to where you want to spend and enjoy your vacation together with your family and friends.

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Natural Tourists Spots

Natural Tourists Spots

         There are some of the natural destinations here in Bicol where you can find it more enjoying and entertaining. Upon these places, you can experience happiness and satisfaction, plus a stress-free adventure.

Paguriran Beach Sorsogon
Paguriran Beach at Sorsogon

       This beach is situated at Paguriran Sorsogon. A place that can be simply describe as a 3 open seas because, aside from the lagoon, the sea is being divided into two when it is low tide, a total of three. It has several cottages where you can stay and assemble your things while you are enjoying the place, and you can stay overnight if you want too. This is open to all tourists who wants to grant their selves pleasure and satisfaction.

The Lagoon at Paguriran Beach

          That was the lagoon. It has clear water and stony surroundings but has a beautiful ambience. You can swim at its deeper portion or in its low portion or anywhere you would like to. Anyways, the water there is cool and it is relaxing in the body.

Kawa-kawa Hill
Kawa - Kawa Hill

         It is located at Ligao City, Albay. This hill is embellish with the apostles of Jesus Christ or the Last Supper which is placed on the hill itself. It will be the front row of the hill as you try to walk across it. This Kawa – Kawa Hill has a cave in it and upon entering the cave you will be amaze because of its naturalistic and religious ambience, and as you enter the cave, there is a historical background in it and it is for you to know and for me to find out.

The Last Supper at Kawa-kawa Hill

Obviously, it is the Last Supper. It is a mere representation that this place is holy and we should respect and reminisce the sufferings of our dear God Jesus Christ. In addition, we should love ourselves as well our family and friends for it will be the most powerful source of peace and freedom. In fact, this place is being visited during holy week.

Cagsawa Ruins
Cagsawa Ruins 

The Cagsawa Ruins is located at Busai Daraga, Albay. This place is been ever majestic because of its historical background. For almost a century, Cagsawa stood as a symbol of Bicol region’s impressive landscape, rich history and the people’s strength that made it up more remarkable to all part of the country. Basically, the head of the church is the only visible because the church is coated of lava when the Mount Mayon erupted a long, long ago. 

Mt. Mayon, visible at Cagsawa

In fact, this place is now mostly being visited by native, local, and foreign people. In addition, the majestic Mayon Volcano is visible at this place that makes it more amazing and surprising. 

These are some of those tourist spots that is mostly by nature, and for me it goes to show that our nature itself give us happiness as well as satisfaction, enjoyment and entertainment. In fact, our nature is rich in its environment and it is upon us on how we will improve as well as remark it in mind of each individual.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Other Vacation Houses

Because of the ranging growth of tourism here in the Philippines, many vacation spots are being establish and caters local visitors as well as foreign tourists to subject their enjoyment for a new experience of their life. The high demands of tourism, the reason why this region create a home for a new adventure for this approaching summer vacation. Luckily almost all people may have a good summer experience if they will choose to have their vacation in these following places:


Embarcadero De Legazpi
This place is located in Legazpi Port Area Legazpi City, Albay. It is the Bicol’s premier waterfront lifestyle and commercial hub and is now gearing up to become a favorite destination for adventure seekers as it offers exciting new attractions like go karting, jet Ski,  zipline and many more. This place is a perfect location for your vacation means.

Embarcadero De Legazpi
 This place is a good venue for your summer escapade and a moment of your life that may grant your body a feeling of thrill and excitement that you may only feel if try to explore this place. Aside from that, you may also witness the different sceneries that might amaze yourself as you go by there.
They also offer different activities and games that is really fun and can provide yourself an extreme excitement and satisfaction. They provide all they can to maintain the happiness of all tourists and vacationist.

Activities at Embarcadero,
There are several reasons why they create different kind of activities at this place and it is to provide all their customers a high quality of service and give them an assurance of satisfaction as well as guarantee them a great pleasure of happiness.

A girl in the Ziplinea.  Zipline
This  is the most common activity we almost saw in different landmarks, the only difference is that you may not only enjoy the zipline because you can view the Mayon Volcano as you are going down the zipline.

Go Kart racing track

b. Go Kart
This game is challenging, yet enjoying. The course is made up tires and the station is compact and assisted by the staff that gives the customers assurance and safety for their ride.
This track enable you to conquer your fear and convert it to enjoyment. It would be a good experience for you and your family or friends if you would rather  try this extreme experience.

two man playing Jet Ski
 c. Jet Ski
This is the new activity at Embarcadero De Legazpi. This game is intended to perform in water area and it so happened that Embarcadero is in the water front that why they allow all the tourist to try this kind of activity. This is exclusive to all and anyone can avail to execute this type of game.

This activity above are some of the activities of Embarcadero De Legazpi, and yet there are still some that you should explore and then witness how happy and enjoying especially in this summer vacation. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Image of Philippines

For the past years that our community had grown up, several changes had occurred and different establishments had rises and invaded our nation. Different tourist spots arise and give our country’s Pride and Recognition. Now, our nature is being discovered and slowly and slowly being recognize as a country full of beautiful places.

Past Images of the Philippines:


This was the image of the Philippines since it is not yet being discovered. It is unorganized, messy, and awful place. It is lot like a place that is never been visited and never been recognize.

Now, that our country is now developing, it is now slowly and slowly being discovered and today, gives us pride and recognition to the point that our country is now mostly visited by the foreigners.

The Philippines Today
Camarines Sur Watersports Complex
The Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex

The Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex

The Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex is the number one tourist destination in the country that is headed by their very own Governor LRay Villafuerte.
This place is perfect for your summer adventure because you can enjoy your stay here in the Philippines.  In this place, you can cater yourself an extreme adventure and grant yourself a stress-free experience as you visit Camarines Sur.

Butanding at Sorsogon

Butanding at Sorsogon

Donsol, Sorsogon is the exact place where you can visit the biggest creature in the sea water, the "Butanding" or whaleshark.
In this place you can dive and swim together with the Butanding and be friends with it without any piece of fear. As you go along the way to fulfill your vacation, you can visit this place and enjoy the experience together with the Butanding.

Hoyop - Hoyopan Cave

Hoyop - Hoyopan Cave

The Hoyop - Hoyop Cave is located at Camalig, Albay. It is the most popular destination in the town.Its name was deriver from the Bicol term "hoyop" which means "to blow". It a place appropriate for some educational tours because it can be reached by vehicles.
This cave is good for some explorers who really wants to witness the different rock formations that forms a common material.

There are still a lots of places where you can enjoy your vacation, and it depends upon in you to where you want to spent your vacation and give yourself an experience that you'll never forget.

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